Jordan Ukishima
Jordan Ukishima

Taking Aim on The World of Business

Jordan  Ukishima

Class of 2020 - Frederick, MD
For Jordan Ukishima, approaching the Washington College campus for the first time was a memorable experience, if not overwhelming due to the expectations of the lasting legacy the college provided for its students. However, as soon as he began immersing himself within the department and what it provided for those pursuing active careers, Ukishma knew that Washington College could provide him the skills he needed to achieve success in the competitive world of business.


“I found Washington College through family friends and through the Trap and Skeet team,” Ukishima said. “I chose to come here because it felt like home and reminded me of a family atmosphere.”

Becoming involved on campus was just the first step for Ukishima; but figuring out what to do next academic-wise at the college was the next. After taking a few introductory courses during his freshman year,

Ukishma found that he possessed the rare, vital skills of understanding the complexities of business, as well as the process behind accounting. Ukishima also planned on continuing to learn about Hispanic Studies because of his experiences in high school, and anticipates its use in accounting with different kinds of customers.

“I enjoy Business Management, Accounting, and Spanish because all the professors are knowledgeable in their field of study and they are always looking out to make you into the best student,” Ukishima said. “I enjoy the campus because it is easy to get around campus and everyone is very friendly and respectful [and] the WC staff and faculty have supported me by allowing me to learn from them, asking them questions or asking for advice, and are always looking out for you.”

While Ukishima looks forward to what life has in store for him, he encourages those coming to Washington College to absorb every piece of information they can--and above all, be yourself.

“Be true to yourself and be the person you want to be, [and] keep moving forward when things get rough,” Ukishima said. As Rocky Balboa said, ‘Life’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.’”

Jordan Ukishima's Four Year Plan

Year 1

FAVORITE CLASSBUS 112: Intro to Financial Accounting

During his freshman year, Ukishima immediately propelled himself into his classes, absorbing every piece of information he possibly could about what was involved in the world of accounting. “Professor Williams was very knowledgeable in the subject and taught it in a manner that made it easy for me to understand the work that needed to be done,” Ukishma said.

Year 2

LEARNING BY DOINGFinance & Accounting Intern for Boland Trane Services Intern (Gaithersburg, MD)

Inspired by the passion demonstrated in his Business courses, Ukishima took on the responsibilities associated with interning for Boland Trane Services, determined to increase his knowledge in the field with a beneficial hands-on experience. “I was responsible for processing checks, cash, and credit card payments, emailing and making phone calls to collect on invoices from customers, communicate with clients via email, send billing statements and invoices, and helped confirm billing costs,” Ukishma said.

Year 3

MEMORABLE EXPERIENCENational Shooting Complex (San Antonio, TX)

With the opportunity to prove his nurtured Trap and Skeet skills, the majority of Ukishima’s junior year was spent extensively training for the National Shooting Complex competition in San Antonio, TX, with the ultimate goal being to demonstrate his hard work over the past few years. “It was the place for me to put all my work and effort into what I have been practicing for the past semester and a half into action,” Ukishima said. “I ended up with the best scores I’ve ever had during that week and it meant a lot to me; it showed that all my hard work paid off in the end.”

Year 4

LOOKING FORWARD TOGraduate School and Certification

With graduation in sight, Ukishima has his mind set on his SCE, where he is configuring a Business Strategy Capstone for H&R Block to complete as soon as possible. As for post-graduation arrangements, Ukishima plans on further extend his knowledge of the field by attending graduate school next fall and to prepare himself for any challenge that may approach him in the world of accounting. “I am currently enrolled in the one-year fast track program with Loyola University in Baltimore, MD to obtain my Master’s Degree in Accounting, in addition to obtaining enough credit hours to sit for the Certified Public Accounting (CPA) exam,” Ukishima said.